Author: John Dressnell

Reasons Why Women Empowerment Is Important Today!

Strong Women

Are you living in a society where women are not discriminated based on their gender and capabilities? No? Till today, you cannot find a single place, where women are equally treated with the same rights as men have. Everywhere, women are getting fewer wages, and more precisely, they are expected to cook and clean.

However, they are still surrounded with an immense number of rules and regulations and restricted by the respective family and cultural norms. As of now, women are not allowed to stay late in the night and have no freedom to make male friends. Parents don’t allow their daughters to study or work in the foreign lands rather prefer to keep their children safe in the home and within a confined zone.

No doubt, this is good approach today as the situation in the society is not at all in good condition, but, these restrictions are making women weaker than men, and snatch away their power, which they deserve the most. Being women is not a sin today. However, it is a blessing of almighty to take birth as a girl, which is only given to the lucky parents.

But, the question is how many of the parents do feel like this? The counting would be very less than your expectation. And this is the reason why women empowerment is needed in every country across the worldwide to understand the importance of a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Empowering women will give the rights to every female, and moreover, will allow them to participate equally in the discussions based on the economy, society, education, and politics. Gender bias is nowhere in the picture today. It has completely vanished from the laws. But, it’s high time; women need to realize what magical factors they have within them to change the perspective of society.

Why is women empowerment necessary?

To recognize they are also equally intelligent

In today’s date, women should get their freedom to be at par with the men. To make their presence visible in the society, women empowerment laws are needed. Whatever may be the discussions and situations are, every woman should always get a plus factor to present their viewpoints, which can make this world a better place to stay in.

To promote better development in the society

In some parts of the world, gender discrimination still exists. In those regions, women are not considered as a potential candidate to take part in the crucial decision-making process. Whether it is a corporate world or educational institute, everywhere women are humiliated and neglected over the men. After considering these factors, women empowerment rules were established in society. Women are now given with equal power and rights and are considered as a vital element in the top discussions. To break the stereotype image, women empowerment is a must.

To reduce the chances of domestic violence

Previously, in this male-dominated planet, women were usually linked with the domestic violence and sexual exploitation, which has now opened the eyes of the law to establish strict rules again the inhuman activities through women empowerment.

Women Empowerment: The Basic Need In The Society

Women in society

Most of the people believe that the women empowerment is a fancy term which is used for Feminism. Regardless of the many advantages that the feminists have achieved, many people still don’t want to identify them as feminists because of the negative connotations which are associated with it. Many people argue to this fact that nothing has left for the women empowerment because they have achieved equal rights and position in the society.

Yes, women have political, social, and economic rights but at a global level, but they are still suffering from gender inequality. They are struggling from child marriages, street harassment, rape, educational inequity, genital mutilation, and many more. In today’s world a woman has to deal with body shaming, victim blaming, and slut-shaming daily. Women empowerment is necessary for the betterment of society.

Why do you need Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment is needed because of the honor killing that should be addressed. This will decrease the concept of honor killing by the families. Due to following reasons, Women Empowerment is necessary which are as follows-

To educate them

Women empowerment is necessary for the females because they have fewer opportunities to compete with their education. And it happens all because of the limited resources as well as gender parity. Providing education to the girls can be beneficial, and it will help them to end the poverty cycles. As you know that education is everyone’s right, but sadly the conceit is not appreciated by many people. Empowered women can stand for the equal rights that can change the mind of the conservative society.

To restrict street harassment

The empowered women are not safe when they are walking under the sun and moon. And hence street harassment is vigorously a crucial issue nowadays. Women are facing this common problem in the whole world on a daily basis. The concept of street harassment proves that women are treated as an inferior to the society. They are going through serious insults and sexual harassments in the streets. Educating the women with empowerment can put some devastating effects on the restriction of street harassments.

To stop the FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

FGM can cause injury to the genital organs of females only for the non-medical reasons. At a very young age, serious problems are practiced in many countries on girls. It simply prevents the girls to have pleasurable intercourse and is viewed as a protection against the fact of promiscuity. And hence it has many long terms and short term health effects. A woman needs to be empowered with fruitful resources, and they have to stand for themselves.

Women empowerment is a strong concept, and you don’t have to believe in the narrow definitions such as feminity and masculinity. Women should feel free regarding strong and sensitive. Take some time and appreciate the abilities of women that can boost them with positivity and they can make their pace in the complicated society. As a conclusion, you need women who can stop judging the people and make them comfortable with their bodies and looks.

All You Need To Know About Women Empowerment

Womens emopowerment

It is aptly said, “When you are educating a boy, then you are educating one individual, but when you are educating a girl, you are educating the nation.” Empowering the women is a pathway to achieve a developed society because the advantages of empowering women are not exclusive only to the women but to their lovely families. Women empowerment entails in the increase of economic, social as well as political strength of the women.

The concept of women empowerment arises due to male domination and gender discrimination in society. Women are suppressed by their own families as well as the society for numerous silly reasons. And it is not a new concept because the need was already sensed before. Women have faced many difficulties since the beginning of the history itself, and they have been judged according to the gender inequalities.

What are the benefits of Women Empowerment in Today’s world?

  • They will be able to live their life with much freedom and dignity.
  • Women empowerment adds self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • It gives a distinct identity to them.
  • They are willing to gain respectable positions in the society.
  • Women are financially stable and independent, and they are spending their desires and needs. They don’t have to compromise or sacrifice their needs.
  • They are willing to make meaningful decisions and contributions to the well-being of the societies.
  • The resources of the country are equally and fairly accessible to women.
  • They are the capable citizens of the country to contribute to the growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Some necessities of Women Empowerment

From the past decades, there has been a steady increase in the actions for the betterment of the planet, peace, prosperity, and partnership. Many people are aiming and targeting gender equality and women empowerment widely across the whole world. Unless a place is not safe for the members of society, then it cannot become a better place, especially for women.

Nowadays the women are proving to be the best in the whole world despite going through many hurdles. They are turning out to achieve the notable and respectable positions. To make society a better place, women empowerment is necessary. The sectors are changing, and it is changing for many numerous reasons.

Women should be given equal opportunities for employment and education without the concept of discrimination. The whole concept relies upon the patriarchal nature of the society which is oppressing the women from several years. Moreover, many initiatives and measures are taken by the women organizations and associations for the betterment of society.

But in recent years the status and the condition of women is improving somehow in society. They are still facing gender inequalities and other atrocities for different region and different class of people. Starting from their birth to death they are suppressed by society. To eliminate the evils from the society and to make your society a better place, women empowerment is necessary. Stick to the above advantages and necessities of women empowerment and educate them to achieve great success in the coming years.